Sell Yourself and Sell Your Business to Create Your Freedom

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

No matter what industry we’re in … and especially as insurance agency owners … we want to work on ways to improve our mindsets and skills about selling ourselves and our business that will add value to our work, increase sales, improve relationships with customers, prospects, and centers of influence which improve personal satisfaction, agency value, income, and so much more.

Most of us forget that by supplying (fancy word for selling) our services or products, we are not only supporting ourselves, but are adding value and meaning to the lives of the people we encounter including your team members.

Most people have been programmed to be afraid of the sales process and of salespeople. They’ve had and heard horror stories of manipulative salespeople.

Can you imagine life without salespeople?

Can you imagine how much time, energy, and expense it would take if everyone had to do all the research on the products and services, they use all by themselves?

How drastically different life would be if we didn’t have people to provide information and help us obtain the necessities of life! The entire structure of our society would be very different.

The old standard beliefs we hold about ourselves and about the world of sales must change.

Today’s consumers are intelligent, alert, highly selective, and independent in their thinking. To work with today’s consumers, it’s imperative that you strive for excellence, integrity, and high ethics. You must be someone that stands out from the competition.

Focus on sales as a means of creating relationships, not just making deals. When you add balance and integrity to your work you will increase your sales, improve your relationships with clients and customers, and improve your personal satisfaction. By adding the integrity dimension to your professional toolbox, you can improve your ability to be of service to others as well as your enjoyment of the process of sales.

How do you feel about selling? If you feel good about it, you are on the right track! If you feel negative, you have some serious work ahead of you to change that belief.

Everyone is in sales. No matter what your title or profession, anyone who has succeeded at anything is an effective salesperson.

Your customer service and admin team members in your agency are in sales despite not having that title but because of the valuable work they do to improve customer retention, referrals, and great customer experiences.

Your team needs great training, education, and more every single day to improve … and … chase perfection even though it is impossible for anyone to be perfect.

The CHASE of PERFECTION will take you to the top in any field.

That’s a lesson from Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban, who is arguably greatest coach in the history of college football and his SYSTEM puts more players in the NFL than any coach in America.

Please make note of how you feel when you are dealing with someone--if it’s negative, be aware: It’s costing you big bucks and it’s time to do something about it.