Don’t Have Trouble… Try This Instead

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

Today I want to teach you something that is working in hundreds of agencies across this great country of ours making life and financial appointments with newly written P&C customers.

If you don’t care about writing life and financial you can stop reading now … or …

I’d suggest that you take one minute to read this short message on how you can apply this lesson to another process in your agency.

This important topic comes from a question sent in from Farmers Agency Owner & BGI Platinum Coaching member Richard Moore of Murfreesboro, TN about his follow-up call process to new P&C clients for life and financial appointments.

Are you having trouble making your life and financial processes effective?

Are you not happy with your life scripts? You do have some life scripts, right?

The hardest part is making the phone call and getting your script to hit the nail on the head.

When your team has a script to guide them, you can feel confident knowing that your agency message will be delivered correctly on every call. This helps your team avoid unintentionally damaging the relationship with your customers.

Did you notice in the last paragraph I said, “every call”? Yes, I believe that just about EVERY contact you have with your customers should be structured and scripted is even better.

Without a good script, your team may achieve varying results…BUT… If everyone uses the same effective script, they are all empowered to sell more.

Richard’s script at the time was about meeting with a new customer to speak about their retirement needs. I believe if you paint yourself into a corner by just asking about job or personal changes, … you’re only offering one product… retirement.

Let’s open it up a little…

Try this… On the call, tell your new client you need for them to meet with your “partner” (if you work with a specialist) or you to review their life insurance and discuss their retirement planning.

When talking with them, make sure you talk in an assumptive tone and that it’s what all of your clients do. When you talk with confidence, they will comply much more and agree to meet more often.

A couple ways you can easily “seed” this is in your welcome kit email for new customers via the BGI Auto Email Marketing System… and … mailing a welcome package. Both introduce your Financial Specialist, if you’re working with one. The mail package has photos of your entire team.

(For help with the email system and the “Welcome package” mailer that is in the systems manuals on your BGI Systems Data Drive, email [email protected]) If you’re a former coaching member or attended a past BGI Super Conference, you’ll have it. Or if you ask Amanda nicely, I’m betting she’ll send it to you 🙂

This is a fundamentally solid process that most all of you should be doing. It enhances your new relationship, introduces your team, including your financial specialist, and with just a little practice and experience will increase your sales, retention, and referrals!