Remove the Mental Clutter

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

Do you set boundaries so that your personal and professional life doesn’t become entangled?

When you bring your private life into the office or bring your work home with you, it can be dangerous. Sometimes interpreting between work and life can be difficult and you may not see any difference, but there should be. When you make a distinction between life and work, you can maintain flow and a better mental health.

Mental clutter is a part of the body and mind and means you rarely, if ever, rest. When thinking about work at home and home at work, it can cause you to have trouble sleeping because your mind is constantly turning.

Setting boundaries to remove mental clutter is essential if we wish to be satisfied. Boundaries get rid of chaos, confusion, and it encourages healthy boundaries between work and play.

It doesn’t hurt to set up proper time management. When you master time management it leads to better focus and when you are focused, you no longer have time for mental clutter. It will just slip away.

Finally, when you find a work-life balance, you will maintain a sense of balance and a healthier mental health.

I’ve found these ways to help remove mental clutter:

  1. Set boundaries. Do not talk about deadlines, clients, colleagues and meetings at the dinner table. Do not talk about your personal life at a restaurant. Do share stories of work with family and home life with colleagues, but set limitations.
  2. Cleanse through writing. Have you ever heard the phrase “When in doubt, write it out”? Keep a journal (one for work and one for home) that will allow you to vent your frustrations in order to maintain boundaries. Frustration can occur when our brains and bodies feel overwhelmed. Go ahead, write it down and cleanse your mental space.
  3. Be mindful. Be mindful in all activities. If you are working, keep the mind there; if you are playing, don’t think about work. This promotes a clear mind and a mind that concentrates is a healthy mind.
  4. Be unattached. Perceive your thoughts and let them float away. Thoughts come without warning. The best thing to do is notice them and watch them disappear. When we remind ourselves that all thoughts and feelings are temporary, it removes attachment and lessens the unnecessary thoughts and feelings.

Starting today, remove mental clutter for a better tomorrow. Your life design will become more whole, your quality of life will begin to feel much more enjoyable, and your mind will become razor sharp.