Can Anxiety and Discomfort Lead to Growth?

Are you spinning your wheels not really moving forward?

Is there something holding you back? Anxiety and discomfort plays a key role and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

If I asked you what your number one goal is, what would you tell me?

Are you setting the bar too low?

Are you not achieving what you want out of life?

When people are required to step it up a notch, they get uncomfortable. The self-doubt creeps in, fear sets in and they just walk away.

If you don’t understand what’s causing the discomfort, it will create fear and you’ll want to stop it. However, when you don’t reject uncomfortable feelings, you will just stay where you've always been.

Was there a time that you tried something new and then realized there was nothing to be afraid of? When you create a new experience, it not only becomes who you are but is no longer a thing to be feared.

We were all born with the ability to choose and when we are faced with uncomfortable feelings, we can either choose to back away from them or move through them and grow.

Your feelings are your guide. When you feel anxious or uncomfortable, you are sitting on the tip of a higher, more rewarding existence.

The difference between being successful or mediocre is the willingness to move through the fear and discomfort and create experiences to build on.

Once you move through the anxiety and create a new experience, it becomes a part of your subconscious and the tension within you disappears. Basically, when your fear vanishes you elevate yourself to the next level.

Today I ask you to review the goals you've set for yourself and determine if they're big enough to take you out of your comfort zone. Think big. Believe you can have anything you want. Let your feelings guide you and you will find yourself living the life many others only dream of.