Super-Charge Your Self-Empowerment

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

To accomplish goals, be successful, make change or create the life we want, we have to empower ourselves. It is dangerous to think that our ability to do any of these things is dependent on others or other things.

The moment you feel powerless, remember that the greatest source of empowerment comes from deep within yourself. This mindset will enable you to achieve what you want and be fearless in achieving your dreams.

How we feel about ourselves largely determines how others see us. When we think well of ourselves, so do others.

When we’re down on ourselves or angry at the world, others feel that—and are likely to reflect those feelings back to us. The more empowered we feel, the better our outlook will be and the more people and success we’ll attract.

Here are a few terrific tips for empowering yourself:

  • While you’re getting ready in the mornings, tell yourself you are a strong, deserving, capable person who can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Over time, this self-affirmation will become part of your mental “DNA.”
  • Take advantage of things you’re good at. We tend to undervalue things that come easy. Yet those are strengths we’re most likely to be able to build upon. 
  • Always write down your positive qualities including your negative ones. For example, “integrity,” “empathy,” “hard worker,” “impatience,” “quick to anger,” “easily frustrated.” Start working on improving the good qualities and eliminating the negatives ones.
  • Stay optimistic. A positive attitude will lift your spirits, help you resolve problems and attract people toward your sunny self.  
  • Stop the negative self-talk. “I can’t” is a self-fulfilling insight. Don’t say it. Take control and work on the things you believe you can’t do. You may be surprised at what you actually “can do.”
  • Remove yourself from being associated with negative people. These type of people make you feel second-rate or incompetent. Cut them out of your life or, at least, avoid them as much as possible. 
  • Learn to see the upside of setbacks and challenges by focusing on what an experience—even a bad one—can teach you, rather than on what it may cost you. 
  • Sit up straight! Really—sitting or standing straight, holding your head up and making eye contact projects outer confidence, which eventually becomes inner confidence.  
  • Think about how you can be a better friend or colleague to others. Are there ways in which you can be more supportive of those you care about and work with?

Take ten or fifteen minutes a day to disconnect from the things that may be bringing you down. Sit, meditate, take a walk. As you do, choose a goal and visualize yourself achieving it!