Small Steps, Big Rewards

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall Of Fame Agent

“So much to do, so little time.” My wife, Vanessa, and I often think this way. As I know most, if not all, of you think the exact same way.

We find ourselves doing or thinking about doing, some task most of our waking hours because of our choosen lifestyle and career that demands much of our time and energy and we are controlled by it, rather than controlling it.

Most days we thrive in our atmospheres and some days we are out of balance and confined by it. I have found it helpful when I compartmentalize my responsibilities. Which means, making a decision about what tasks or goals need to be accomplished or not.

So, how can we achieve the tasks and goals in a way that does not swallow us up?

  • Never use “I should’s”. Instead, replace the “I should’s” with the “I will’s.”
  • Create your “task” list. (You’ve heard me talk about these on several occasions.)Then, categorize your tasks as “must be done now,” “should be done soon,”and “it would be nice to get this done.”
  • Decide which task you will attack first.
  • Then, compartmentalize the tasks of the goal that you will be attacking.
  • Commit to spending a selected period of time, 30 or 60 minutes, on one task.
    1. I find working like you are under a very pressing deadline while putting all of your energy and focus into the task, works best.
    2. Make sure to use a timer to alert you when the time has ended.
    3. STOP when the timer rings, even if you feel like continuing on. Why? One reason we do not want to tackle big projects is because we are sure that it will take too much time right then. If we continue working, we will find that our prediction has come true.
  • Pat yourself on the back for staying on task and take notice of what you accomplished and reward yourself for the accomplishment.

Remember, you can accomplish a project of any size when you break it down into smaller pieces. You can commit 30 to 60 minutes to attacking each task and following through on that commitment.