How to Motivate Yourself When You’re Not Feeling it

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

When your business is small and your challenges are big, success depends on your willingness to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning only to press the snooze button repeatedly because you just didn’t feel like going into the office?

Many small business owners, like us, have those moments. When that lack of self-motivation hits, some shake it off while others struggle to re-energize and press on.

Do you have a plan for filling up your self-motivation fuel tank when it is close to empty?

Here are a few tips to refuel when you’re low:

  1. You need meaty goals. Your goals maybe lacking the meat you need to energize yourself. If you aren’t setting more meaningful goals that give you something to be excited about and have stuck to the tried and true generic goals to increase revenue or add more customers, there’s nothing there to sink your teeth into.
  2. Set a personal mission. Every business should have a mission or vision statement. This is simply something that describes the broader goals, culture, and underlying core values of the business. Creating a personal mission statement is motivational because it states why you are doing the business and what you want to achieve from it in relation to your own professional and personal development.
  3. Set a routine, then change it up. A routine helps with discipline and keeps you on course with productivity and balance. Use the routine as your foundation but then consider changing up that routine every other week or month. Personalities are different. Which means you will need to create different routines that you can rotate in or out to keep your time as interesting and stimulating as possible while staying on target with what you want to accomplish.
  4. Always take time for yourself. Running your own business can completely consume you. Once you are in it and handling daily operations, putting out those “fires,” and wearing all those hats, you lose track of time. Days melt into weeks and then months before you realize you haven't taken a day off.

Schedule time off each day to decompress and do something you like. This could be a hobby or time with your family. Don’t compromise those special moments because you will find yourself becoming more resentful of your business and motivation will suffer.

With just these few tips, you know where to start when you’re needing to refuel your self-motivation.

Find your passion! Then, when negativity hits you again, you know how to stay positive and motivated!