Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

By Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

Do you know how to feed a wolf? More specifically…YOUR wolf?

You may have heard the story about how we each have two wolves inside of us that are constantly at war with one another. One wolf is angry, fearful, lazy, and negative. The other wolf is giving, loving, abundant, and disciplined.

So, the story goes that a child asks his grandfather “Well, which one will win?” And, the grandfather replies “Whichever one you feed.

Whichever wolf you choose to feed will determine and shape who you become.

Every one of us has a good and a bad wolf inside of us. We all have the potential of doing positive or negative things in our lives.

You demonstrate which wolf you are feeding every moment of every day.

At all times, you are feeding one of your wolves inside of you. And, the one that will win, is the one that you feed the most.

I believe the best way to feed my good wolf is through reading great books and newsletters, listening to CDs and recordings on anything that improves my skills and/or motivates me, so I can create value to others including my family, clients, team members, friends, and countless others.

Also, daily meditation and following a Power greater than myself has transformed my life in these past few years.

As long as you practice these principles and continue to feed your good wolf, your life will continue to grow.

If you ignore this, and feed the bad wolf by obsessing on the negatives of the world (choosing to watch negative things on the news or allowing fear to dominate your life), then your life will reflect that you are feeding the wrong wolf.

So, I ask you again, do you know how to feed YOUR wolf?