Never Give Up

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

You've probably seen the following article. I don't know who originated it, but it is a good reminder that every one of us has a vital role to play here on earth.

“Xvxn though this typxwritxr is an old modxl, it works vxry wxll, xxcxpt for only onx kxy. You'd think that with all the othxr kxys working pxrfxct, onx kxy would hardly bx noticxd. But just onx kxy out of tunx sxxms to ruin thx wholx xffort.

Havx you xvxr said to yoursxlf, "I'm only onx pxrson. No onx will noticx if I don't do my bxst." But it doxs makx a diffxrxncx, bxcausx to bx xffxctive, a family, an organization or a businxss nxxds complxtx participation by xvxryonx to the bxst of his or hxr ability.

So if you'rx having onx of thosx days whxn you think you just arxn't vxry important and you'rx txmptxd to slack off, rxmxmbxr this old typxwritxr. You arx a kxy pxrson, and whxn you don't do your bxst, nothing xlsx around you works out thx way its supposxd to.”

In your insurance agency, you work together as a team and everyone has a real purpose for being there to help one another create the very best experience for our clients and prospects.
If someone slacks off it will adversely affect the satisfaction of your clients and ultimately your business.

Your agency is just one part of your life.

It is important, and when you get it right, on autopilot, it can influence the many other aspects of your lives. Some of the other parts are financial, health, family, spiritual, and social. It is important for all of us to realize what our purpose is in life here on earth.

Constantly ask your higher power, or the universe, however you believe, for help to realize what your real purpose is here on earth.