Listen, Study, Remember, and Quote

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

I don’t claim to be an expert on the Bible, but I do know the book of Proverbs teaches us a lot about wisdom.

One of my favorite passages that I will paraphrase here goes something like …

Listen, and I will teach you what the wise have said. Study their teachings, and you will be glad when you remember and quote them.

Notice there are four key verbs from that line are ….

Listen, study, remember, and quote.

You cannot just learn something and become wiser. You have got to remember it. And you can’t just remember it; you have got to reinforce or study it.

If you do not remember and reinforce it, you end up having to learn the same lesson over and over. You have to retain it to remember it so you can apply it.

People often say, “I can’t remember anything.”

That is not true, sure you can. You remember what is important to you. You remember what you love. You remember what matters to you.

For example, maybe you say, “I cannot learn all the BGI Systems Toolkit.”

But you remember tons of baseball or football statistics. Or you can sing every lyric to popular songs that you care about or every step to a favorite recipe or something else you care about.

You remember what is important to you.

This is important. Especially in the fast pace we live in today.

If you fail to improve on yourself, you will have to re-learn many things over and over. Or even worse, forget them and never apply the little things that could open big doors in your life.