Big Doors Swing on Small Hinges

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Member

“Big doors swing on small hinges” was originally said by W. Clement Stone, founder of The Combined Insurance Company of America.

You may not be familiar with either one of those names. Both were influential on the development of American business as we know it today.

Mr. Stone was partners of sorts with Napoleon Hill (author of the famous business book, Think and Grow Rich) in forming and defining the blueprint for SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES in America.

Mr. Stone passed away in 2002. I promise you, his business teachings are worth your time studying. Lots of info on this at your fingertips online.

Stone’s statement, “Big doors swing on little hinges” refers to the idea that it’s the small things, small ideas, small actions that are often the trigger for big things happening in an organization or a person’s development. For example, a small investment in one’s self can result in a breakthrough in growth, wealth, or personal development.

I have had multiple breakthroughs throughout my life. Almost all of them come as a result of learning and applying a small thing. I have been fortunate and blessed to know and work with many millionaires and multi-millionaires. Each has shared that their big breakthroughs came from small discoveries and implementations.

For example, one of the small things we started over two decades ago was documenting step-by-step, keystroke-by-keystroke the daily routine tasks in our insurance agency. That small step led to what is the BGI Systems Toolkit made up of the most efficient and profitable systems to run a successful insurance agency.

Today those four manuals of Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Hiring the Winning Team is about 400 hundred pages in length. It looks overwhelming to a person seeing it for the first time … BUT … I promise you it was created one process at a time starting with, “How To Answer The Phone.”