What Do You Believe?

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

Today, I want to talk about beliefs. There are two ways to look at beliefs.

One is “I’ll believe it when I see it.” And the other is “I believe it as if it’s already done.”

Telling yourself you will believe it when you see it is self-defeating and paralyzing. It accomplishes nothing and you won’t see any success in your life if you wait around for proof of it first.

It’s like the story of the man drowning in the ocean praying for God to save him while declining help from the passing boats.

Now, flip it around to the “I believe it as if it’s already done” way of thinking.

This takes practice as our brains have been trained in mistrust and needs something concrete in front of us in order to believe in it.

So, how do you acquire this sort of faith to revolutionize your life?

By believing it is already DONE…visualizing your goals and dreams as if they have already happened and simply choosing to believe that it WILL happen.

This will of course require belief in yourself first.

Instead of just hoping, praying, or trying to force your will to make something happen—BELIEVE it will be done.

When you think in this way, your life will automatically begin to shape itself according to your beliefs, because you will be TAKING ACTIONS towards your goals and creating your own success.

Without ACTION, nothing much happens. The combo of believing in yourself and your team with the right actions you can accomplish great things leading to a great life.

It’s like magic!

Write it down as if you’ve already achieved your goal as this will help you get into the state of belief.

And finally, I want you to know that I believe in YOU.