Why Gratitude?

by Bill Gough, Hall of Fame Member

Today, your customers are distracted more than ever by cell phones, social media, emails, and on and on.

So how do you, as an agency owner, stand out among all the noise?

Let’s say you already have a fantastic group of customers in your agency. The secret is to keep them from going elsewhere. And, the most effective way that you can do that is by developing and working with an attitude of gratitude.

Ask yourself repeatedly:

What are some various ways that I can serve my customers?

What other options or services can I offer them?

The goal here is to create an experience around your business for your customers to actively participate in and get excited about. Practicing an attitude of gratitude with your customers will create a connection on a deeper level with them and at the same time build bridges to the next generation, your customer’s children.

Here are some reasons why practicing gratitude in your agency WILL work:

  1. When customers experience kindness and generosity from your agency, it makes them want to give that support back to you through referrals, positive “word of mouth” to their friends, etc.
  2. Giving to others is the greatest gift you can give yourself (and your agency). We get what we give.
  3. The cost of developing new customers is high. It’s cheaper to retain customers than it is to gain new ones. When you nurture these relationships with gratitude, you’re more likely to keep them.
  4. The number one asset your agency holds is your customer relationships. You are in the relationship building business and when you add consistent care in developing those relationships, you create customers for life and generations to come.
  5. A customer relationship can become more valuable if you commit to systems and processes that are reliable and meaningful.
  6. Any agency owner who applies gratitude to their marketing strategy will have a higher retention of assets and create a more stable practice in the long run.

Building relationships through gratitude is really what it’s all about. A lot of insurance agents think that they are in the Insurance business, but they are not. You are in the relationship business. Keep this in mind. It’s not about a single transaction. Practicing gratitude is centered on that relationship. So, leave your customers feeling good. If it matters to them, it’s important to you too!