The Best Advice I Could Possibly Give You…

By Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

There’s nothing more valuable to the entrepreneur than TIME

When you are growing your agency, the single biggest delay is almost always …


The best thing you can do as a business owner is:

  • leverage your time
  • avoid common mistakes
  • seek out the advice of experts.

Whether you are brand new in this very lucrative business or been at it for decades this will ALMOST ALWAYS be true. I speak from more than 3 decades experience, not from some theory in a book or spoken by someone with little or no experience.

Of the three things I mentioned above, seeking out the advice of experts is the most important.There are tons of books and study programs written on time management. Dan Kennedy’s No BS Book on this subject for entrepreneurs is a must read. The first chapter was transformational for me both in my agency and my personal life.

Many of you know that I am friends with many of North America’s top insurance agency owners. Some of them are newer agents and others for more than two decades. Many are clients. We’ve helped each other avoid common mistakes that take weeks, months, and even years to figure out on your own.

You being here in the BGI Universe gives you a treasure trove of resources!

The exact same systems and processes for sales, marketing, operations, and hiring the winning team which got our agency to the Allstate Hall of Fame for 21 years of the top 5% in the country production.

Knowledge and possession of resources from experts does you little good if you do not do anything with the information.

My BGI team is here to help you.

Help us help you by letting us know how we can help, reading and acting on items in this email, showing up for our live monthly calls or webinars, showing up for our annual conference, using our done for you email system, taking advantage of our other done for you products and services. And so much more!!

You can have this too – will you take advantage of it – I hope so!!