Motivate Your Sales Superstars in the New Year

We, as small business owners, know that working in sales is not always an easy game. Anyone will tell you that they love it—but often want to pull their hair out.

Many sales superstars of small businesses have those hair pulling moments.

When that lack of self-motivation hits, some shake it off while others struggle to re-energize and press on.

Motivation is a key factor in sales success.

Have you ever heard the story about Ross Perot? Here’s his success story:

Fall Down 77 times, Stand up 78

Adore or detest his politics, it doesn’t really matter for the point of this story. Ross Perot’s biography includes an incredibly inspiring sales story. According to Sam Wyle, Perot quickly became a top employee at IBM. In fact, one year he fulfilled his annual sales quota in a mere two weeks.

Yet, when he tried to pitch his ideas to supervisors he was largely ignored. This led him to leave IBM in 1962 to found Electronic Data Systems (EDS). To get the business going, he attempted to sell the products to large corporations for his data processing services. “Perot was refused seventy-seven times before he was given his first contract.”

Tell your Sales Superstars to “Never give up!”

They may have been turned down by twenty prospects in one day, but that twenty-first phone call could be the one that helps them score their biggest deal of the month.

At the basis, your sales commission structures and compensation plans drive rep motivation. It never hurts, however, to have a collection of motivational sales stories that you can tell to inspire reps.