Are You Selling Quantity or Quality?

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

There are two main ways to sell your products and services: Let’s call them the “Fast Food style of selling" and the "Prada style of selling".

These marketing styles are different and produces different results.

Fast Food Restaurants owe their success to size, consistency of products and service, and flawless business systems. Because of those things, they can afford to charge less than other restaurants.

They don't advertise "good" food, they advertise that it's "cheap, fast and always the same". Usually, they promote the newest deal or special. WHY? Well, low price is very important in this style of marketing.

Prada, on the other hand, doesn't mass-produce the same way. They don't advertise price, they advertise the "value" of the purchase.

People buy Prada suits because of image. Here’s an example… "If I have a Prada suit, I look rich and successful.” AND… They buy them because of lasting value.

Now, I’m not downing a Target-bought suit, but they are made cheap and will fall apart in no time, which means, by the time you spend money on buying multiple Target-suits, a Prada suit may in fact be a better buy in the long term.

So what I am getting at here is that when you are marketing your business or yourself, just know which style you want to use to market.

If you choose "quantity" based selling, you will easily attract more customers.

The Horrible Truth: The price you pay for selling this way is that the loyalty of your customers only goes as far as your lowest price. As soon as a bigger competitor offers a better deal, your customers are gone. AND… You’re probably going to work longer hours without the rewards.

If you choose "quality" based selling, it will likely take more time to find your customers.

The Awesome Truth: You will need to spend time positioning your services as uniquely valuable. The good thing is that you are a partner/friend to your customers and it is difficult to replace you. Your customer loyalty will rise to a high satisfaction level, too.

Quality and Quantity are both important. But there is no debate on which is MORE important.

If you had to choose between quality and quantity… It’s a no-brainer… You want QUALITY.