How to Get Your Support Team Onboard

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

Everything that you do, should be about making the best use of your biggest advantage as small business owners—your relationships with your Customers, Prospects, and Centers of Influence.
For peak performance, your team must get involved and take a proactive approach.

Here are a few suggestions to help them be proactive…

  • Show your team what other successful agency owners are doing using GROWTH systems and processes. Explain to them that by using GROWTH systems and processes in the agency will help all of you grow and prosper.
  • Help them understand that it’s not about working harder or more—it’s about working smarter and the RIGHT way.
  • Lead by example. You’re the leader; your name is on the front door. Show your team that you are using the RIGHT systems and processes to motivate them to take action.

These are a few of the things that I did, along with hundreds of other very successful agency owners, that are the easiest and quickest ways for your team to get involved to do things the right away.

Below are some of the easiest examples of how someone can be a little bit different and with a little bit of effort, see results fast:

  • Using an effective communication system beginning with Email Marketing
  • Implementing a Referral Rewards Program
  • Capturing testimonials from customers to help your Agency Marketing

You also need to promote other processes in our BGI process manuals and ensuring that your team is involved and following through with your marketing programs effectively.
As small business owners, you have to make sure that your team knows that the success of the agency is priority #1. They must understand—You either Grow or Go, with this in mind, you MUST do things differently than just following corporate ideas. You must keep learning and exposing yourselves to new, successful ways of business like other successful agency owners and other small business owners.

Take the opportunity to be involved with a community of agents getting their support that promotes success right here at BGI.

Each month we send our members valuable information. You need to be sharing this newsletter, as well as the replays from the BGI Coaching Calls each month with your team and discuss them, or better yet, have them listen to the calls LIVE.

Get your key team members involved. Listening to the calls live will give them the opportunity to ask questions and hear from an Insurance Expert who’s not you...they hear from you all the time. Help them get involved, and make it fun they will jump onboard!

There are many opportunities to get your team even more involved. Like bringing them to our February BGI Super Conference in Atlanta, GA. You will get maximum effectiveness when your team is highly involved.

Once your Team is exposed to this coaching and starts seeing the successful results it has, they will gain confidence. You must own this and keep your Team accountable. You can settle for no less than the best.