How an Agency Owner Quadrupled Their Agency Not Once but TWICE! by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

You know over the last two months, I have said several times that our 2018 BGI Systems “Get on Track” Super Conference was one of, if not the BEST in our 10-year history!

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Did You?

Relax, this is not a sales pitch for the recordings. Although, if you do not have them, I would suggest you get them to help yourself and your team for many years to come.

I’m giving you a free recording of one of our speakers that was so hot … he was MOBBED by more than a dozen agency owners for 75-minutes after his presentation.

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For some of you, this will be the most important message and information you will receive this year.

If you are new here, or if you’re not familiar with Jerry. He spent 10 years in the automobile business rising to the rank of General Sales Manager at one of Florida’s top dealerships at the young age of 25. Wanting to cut his working hours and get back part of his weekends, Jerry then entered Allstate Sales Management. After completing his training, he was given a market in Huntsville, AL. Jerry was my sales leader for about 5 years.

When he was assigned the Huntsville market, it was one of the worst in the country (ranked around 640 out of 650). Jerry turned things around and achieved several awards including Sales Leader of the year for Alabama for 5 years in a row, top Sales Leader of the Southeast Region twice, and a Top in Country award once. In all my time at Allstate, I’ve never seen a corporate sales leader/manager more proficient at getting agents to improve their performance than Jerry Brunson.

In January 2004 Jerry came over to the “right side” and bought a medium size Allstate agency becoming an agency owner. 8 years later in 2012 it had grown from 2100 items to more than 9000 items. This was all organic growth … writing one policy at a time, not buying more books of business.

He did it again in half the time … In 2013 Jerry bought a medium sized agency in South Florida and grew it in a similar fashion more than 4x in just four years. Again … all organic growth, not buying more agencies.

Jerry is a direct mail expert and understands the challenges of agency owners. The coaching call I did with him in 2013 has been referred to as “one of the best ever” by some of the top agents in the country. You’re probably wondering HOW he did that… Jerry put together his own direct mail marketing pieces. And it was a HUGE SUCCESS.

Back to Jerry’s talk at our last Super Conference … After he finished his 60-minute talk, Jerry had swarms of agents surrounding him. He was not selling a product; he was offering information and showing some mail samples.

When I returned from lunch 75 minutes later, there were at least half a dozen people still surrounding him. We had to run them back to their seats, so I could get our next speaker introduced to the audience.

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You may be wondering how did Jerry grow so fast, especially the second time in only half the time?

It took a lot. The first agency growth was so much harder because it took a lot of trial and error before he learned the secret sauce. Also, his great discipline, tremendous work ethic, pig-headed determination to succeed, and his wife Jennifer’s faithful support are a few of the characteristics that helped too.

I know Jerry’s secret.

Jerry became a GREAT MARKETER of his agencies … AND … he did it using Direct Response Marketing with Direct Mail that HE CONTROLLED as his primary media, not the corporate branding or image advertising that Allstate and other major insurance companies use.

If you want to see samples of Jerry’s direct mail pieces, CLICK HERE NOW