Do You Know What Your Clients and Prospects Really Want?

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

It’s amazing to me when I talk with agency owners and their team, how they get so wound up about the products they are selling. This attitude is not confined by geography... it is everywhere.

Your clients and prospects are not interested in your products and services you offer.

They can get these same products, maybe even a better one, from dozens of sources, including other Agency Owners just like you.

Does this mean you should get out of the insurance business and take a secure job your mother always wanted you to have? Probably not.

Your client is looking for more than just a product.

They are looking for solutions to their problems, answers to their questions, something to fill their needs and satisfy their wants, and most importantly – someone they can trust!

Notice I said someone they can trust.

You know they can buy just your product lots of places, but rarely can they find a trusted source they feel comfortable with. This is where YOU come in!

You guys represent very strong insurance companies that offer some of the best products on the market. As a BGI Coaching Member, you get the very best Agency Processes and Systems to create autonomy for your business.

You need to believe you can honestly say, “Mr. Prospect, you can buy auto and home insurance from a lot of places, but you should know that only here does it come with me in the package!”

You need to be able to articulate the benefits of doing business with you during your presentation and again in summarizing them when asking for the order.

When you can say that proudly and have your client believe that is good news, you are well on your way.

We have all had bad experiences with big successful companies because the salesperson or customer service representative did a poor job. We have also had good experiences with less-than-perfect companies because the salesperson or the service representative did an excellent job and made up for the company faults.

We have also cleaned up messes made by others including our Corporate partners… When you do this, you should be asking for referrals as you have just created trust and a value-add to this unhappy client.

This is where you and only you can make a difference. This is what professionally selling is all about – YOU!!