Are You Headed Up or Out?

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

Being the business-minded guy that I am, I often find myself looking for ways to distinguish myself and my business from the run-of-the-mill guy next door. I am always looking for ways to separate what I consider my extraordinary business from an ordinary one.

That is a cornerstone that defines what we’re about at BGI. We strive to figure out factors that can elevate your agency—and with it, income—from ordinary to extraordinary.

Stop to consider—is this your focus? Are you doing your best to make sure that you stand out above your competitors?

We can help you with this. We’re helping hundreds of agency owners now!

Let me tell you about our Top Producers Club Master Mind Member, Justin Strong…

Justin has been a BGI coaching member for 9 months. I also interviewed him on our Platinum Power call Thursday. (Make sure you listen to this call over and over again. Even let your staff listen to it. This call was full of GREAT information!)

In 2005, Justin was just starting out in the insurance business and for the first 11 years he was just reactive in his agency and barely surviving to just get by. By 2016, he had enough of it and wanted to be more proactive in his agency and with agency owners like him. That’s when he came across BGI and joined our Top Producers Club.

Before BGI, he was bringing in a monthly premium of $17,000.00 a month. After being a part of BGI and following all the processes and systems we offer, Justin had his biggest P&C month EVER in August. $64,000.00 in total premium! The month before that, he had a premium total of $51,000.00! Not to mention the life apps this guy has written … 71 life apps this year alone!

Justin explained that he’s having different conversations with his customers, improving on his and his team’s customer service and building his relationships with his centers of influence by using the BGI Auto Email System and by using the referral program! (His referrals have increased from 2 a month to 28 a month!) Whoa!

Congratulations Justin!

Have you ever questioned a few of the reasons more people don't become successful: ignorance of the possibility, insufficient motivation, and chasing the money rather than the attraction of it.

More businesses don’t reward their owners with top income and other rewards because these owners are not making the business exceptional. They don’t earn the key customers that produce top income. In other words, most are going about this backwards; trying to get heat from the stove before putting in the wood, and trying to GET before BEING.

BEING is your business and who you are that puts the wood in the stove.

This is why it frustrates me to bump up against people of grand stated ambition who aren’t into personal development; who aren’t working as hard on themselves as they are on their businesses. These folks don’t want it. Success isn’t defined by ideas. It’s defined by action. The kind of massive action that Justin Strong took!

Success is having the determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.

The road to reaching a goal is more about your personal development along the way than it is about the destination. What it makes of you will always be far greater of value than what you get.

Are you doing all that you can to make yourself and consequently your agency reach maximum potential? If not, get moving. Success is a ladder that can’t be climbed with your hands in your pockets!

The people who aren’t motivated and don’t have the desire to be something better are those who are eager for shiny, new tools but not for building new or better skills. They’ve got it ALL wrong.

They’re trying to GET, but ignoring BEING. They are focused on the immediate payoff, rather than being concerned with how they’re going to get there.

First you have to learn the rules of the game, the processes and systems that will make you successful.

Then, you’ve got to go out and play better than everyone else.

Make yourself into the kind of person, who attracts opportunity, cooperation, money, and that success thing will be automatic.