2017 Total Eclipse

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

For more than three decades I have been paying close attention to other small business owners and entrepreneurs.

What are they doing that I can take back to my agency to improve our growth, profit, service, retention, etc.?

Last Saturday, and on Monday’s Total Eclipse Day I experienced something from a very successful local business, which included a valuable sales/marketing campaign from an Allstate Agent.

First … the business is Long Lewis Ford of Florence and Muscle Shoals, AL. These auto dealerships stand out far from its competitors selling 400-425 cars per month in our small market.

In the past two years, I’ve bought one and leased three other new vehicles. The buying experience from start to finish is very smooth, no hassles, and free of irritants that spoil the customer experience. I have referred many friends that feel the same.

You know me; I plan and work my day by appointment, including a little flextime scheduled in the calendar. New car rep, Nina Hill of Long Lewis understands this very well, and gets me in and out of the craziness of the dealership. I will be referring more friends and going back to Nina because she gets me.

That is HUGE!!! Please do not miss this incredibly important lesson of KNOWING YOUR CUSTOMER, a smooth sales and onboarding process, and removing any irritants that spoil the perfect experience.

SECOND … Former BGI Systems Sales VP and now Allstate Agency Manager at Long Lewis Josh Kelley shot a simple video posted to Facebook offering a free pair of eclipse viewing glasses to anyone dropping by the dealership for an insurance quote.

In just 3 days, Josh gave away 92 pairs of special viewing eclipse glasses. As of Monday morning of the “Eclipse Day” they had written 5 households, x-dated a couple of dozen, and still had many more to quote. Josh said it was by far the biggest lead generator he had done in the 22 months he’s been in business.

When Josh and I traveled a big part of the country doing workshops we always paid very close attention to all of the businesses we came in touch with looking for marketing, sales, and customer experience ideas to bring to insurance agency owners just like you.

Josh is a great student of marketing and sales, and hit it out of the park with this once in a lifetime event that disappeared very quickly creating urgency that was being heavily covered by all media outlets.

Big Lesson … Don’t worry able missing the eclipse last week, or complain that your business is different, or other negative thoughts. Learn from these examples … what can you learn from this to apply in your agency?

Every month has holidays, special days, weeks, etc. that can be borrowed for your special promotions. Two that apply to our industry are just around the corner … Life Insurance Awareness and Cancer Awareness months.