Traits of High Achievers Part 2

Last week, I let you in on the first 7 traits of high achievers and the response was awesome! Several of you reached out in appreciation, and I got a kick out of it…thank YOU./p>

So to recap a bit from last week, Vanessa and I just sent our youngest daughter, Bailey, off to begin her college journey at Auburn University which is 5 hours away from us. With all of the hopes and dreams Vanessa and I have for Bailey, it got me to thinking about reaching high and achieving much.

I love to read, and I ran across an article that had some incredible traits of high achievers…I shared the first 7 with you last week.

Here are the last 7 traits:

8. They accept full responsibility>—They own their mistakes of the past and learn from them. They don’t continue to repeat past mistakes.
9. They celebrate other’s successes—They aren’t jealous of other people’s successes. They are capable of their own successes.
10. They are willing to fail—They never give up after a failure. They see failure as opportunities for growth and never look back.
11. They have staying power—They don’t expect immediate gratification. They know anything worth having comes with sweat, blood, and tears.
12. They evaluate their core beliefs—They are constantly evolving and bettering themselves.
13. They think productively—They replace negativity with a positive outlook and top it off with gratitude.
14. They tolerate discomfort—They accept their feelings without giving them energy to control their behavior and bring them down.

So, what did you get out of these traits? Did anything hit home for you? Can you come up with more on your own?