Be In The Present … Right Here Right Now

I’m constantly “in school” year round on the search for information to help me and you grow our businesses and our lives. Sam Geist is one person that I follow online. Recently, I read one of his articles and many of the bullets he shared below reminded me of a moving story I heard some years back.

Recently, I listened to a speaker talk about the importance of being present in the moment, living in today, rather than thinking about the future, or wrestling over the past. Several times she said, today is all we've really got. This is a staple in 12-step programs. What’s going on RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW is important in recovery.

This mindset is also as appropriate to our business lives as it is to our personal ones. By the time she had finished her talk I thought about how I could translate her suggestions to you.

I came up with 12 "TODAY" business action steps:

  • TODAY I will make and take action on at least on one promise.
  • TODAY I will learn something new.
  • TODAY I will compliment a team member on a good job.
  • TODAY I will be positive, encouraging, motivating, and patient all day.
  • TODAY I will call two, three or five prospects.
  • TODAY I will call a client to tell them you are thinking about them.
  • TODAY I will solve a problem you were informed about.
  • TODAY I will put in an extra 17 minutes of productive work.
  • TODAY I will treat my co-workers with respect and dignity.
  • TODAY I will refresh, re-think, and meditate for 10 minutes.
  • TODAY I will listen to a BGI Systems audio CD in your car.
  • TODAY I will call three centers of influence that can refer business to me.

You know that you can come up with many, many more "TODAY" actions you can take depending on your situation both professionally and in our personal lives.


"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today."