Five Words That Can Transform Your Life

Last week, I was reading an article about how swapping simple words and phrases can change the whole dynamics of conversations and even shift relationships!

By the way, Here are five words (or phrases) to start practicing with:

  • Instead Of "But" Use "And"—Using "but" instead of "and" often has the effect of changing a neutral statement into a negative one. The use of “but” closes off the conversation while “and” opens it up.
  • Instead Of Saying "Have To" Say "Want To"—“Have to” makes you believe that a situation has been forced upon you instead of willingly chosen by you. Doing something that you don’t want to do is easier when you feel like it’s your choice instead of being forced to do it.
  • Instead Of "Can't" Use "Won't."—“Can’t” implies helplessness; “Won’t” represents choice and willingness. Swapping these words is very empowering.
  • Instead Of Saying "I'm Afraid To" Say "I'd Like To"—Saying “I’m afraid to” is one of the most blocking phrases there is. It sets your mind up for fear and defeat instead of desire.
  • Instead Of "Help" Use "Assist"—When you use the word “help,’ you set your mind up to believe you are helpless. Replacing “help” with “assist” sets your mind up to see that you are an important part of the solution to any problem.

There’s a lot of bang for your buck here. Words are very powerful and if you start to practice switching out these five words or phrases in your everyday conversations, you will feel a positive effect on your relationships with family, friends, customers, and team members.