Several top leadership attitudes that good leaders should avoid

Many of us are in leadership roles in our professions –your leadership style defines how your employees view you and how they respond to your action. There are some top leadership mistakes that you, as a good leader, should avoid. By doing so, you will enhance your character and provide oversight to the business in achieving long term goals.

Here are several top leadership attitudes that good leaders should avoid:

  1. “It’s All About Me” -Leaders are a gifted breed who can communicate better than most people. They see the future and devise strategies to get there. They are also able to visualize problems before they occur. But if a leader decides that it is all about him, then the business becomes an extension of the leader and little will get accomplished.
  2. “I do it best.” –While you may perform a task better than one of your employees, remember that as a leader, your job is to enable others to accomplish work with you and independently. Imagine the great impact when all of your employees are performing at maximum efficiency.
  3. “I am a perfect boss and have no room for improvement.” –Everyone needs to commit to lifelong learning. Some habits, knowledge and skills become obsolete, depending on the trends and the different issues that come up in your agency. By not taking the steps to improve your business and performance you are sabotaging your personal growth and that of your agency.