Put Some Disney Magic in Your Agency

One of the best companies for you and me to study is Disney. We should model their business systems.

What is one of the top reasons why guests return again and again to Disney? The cast. The front line employees whose job is to create Systematic Magic all the time, every day.

So how do they train and educate over 65,000 employees (just at Walt Disney World in FL) and get them all on the same page? Through repeatable, replicable, PRACTICED systems which are second to none.

One of the best systems you can put to work in your business is scripting every team member. Scripting is just you and your “cast” saying the right things at the right time to ethically persuade your clients, prospects, and centers of influence to buy your products and refer their friends and family to you.

Our team members are given scripts and talking points for delivering world class service and differentiating our agency from the typical “robot” agencies that simply react to what’s occurring in their business each day.

EVERY MORNING you and your team members need to practice your sales close, handling objections, policy review talking points, and asking for referrals.

Scripting and Practice will bring Disney magic in your agency that is undeniable. Make sure you are making both a priority in your business.

And remember … an amateur practices until they get it right. A pro practices until they cannot get it wrong.

Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.